Florida Businesses Are Hard on Their Commercial Garage Doors

Florida catches the brunt of nearly all of the hurricanes and tropical storms that make their way to the United States. We have to take all types of precautions to protect our personal vehicles, warehouses, and commercial vehicles safe from damage. Commercial garage doors are much larger than those used for residential garages, but they must be able to withstand the same types of damage, regardless of size. Here are some of the commercial and industrial doors we offer in all three of our locations across Florida:

  • rolling steel door in TampaSectional Steel Doors: All of our sectional steel doors provide protection against the elements and hold their own against hurricane strength winds.
  • Advanced Sectional Doors: This is an excellent choice for thermal protection against heat or cold in heavy duty applications. They’re ideal for agricultural buildings, food and beverage storage facilities, pharmaceutical, climate controlled, and government facilities.
  • Thermacore Doors: This is the ideal door for applications that demand the highest levels of thermal efficiency, air infiltration, and wind load resistance.
  • Aluminum Glass Doors: This is an excellent choice for applications where visual access and light transmission are key considerations. They’re ideal for fire stations and professional garages that can make use of all of the natural light that comes through the glass panels.
  • Advanced Service Doors: Commercial rolling doors must meet the most demanding requirements for rolling steel service doors. We have specific units that are for durability, performance, security, and speed.  
  • Rolling Steel Doors: These are ideal for situations where side-room and headroom are at a premium. The upward-coiling service doors fit openings up to 1500 sq. ft. and are available with the industry’s widest array of slat profiles, curtain materials, and colors.
  • Fire-Rated Doors: These meet the most demanding fire safety standards and are available in unusual opening sizes. They’re designed to close automatically in the event of a fire or alarmed event.concession stand security grille in Tampa
  • Security Grills: These are perfect for a wide array of commercial and industrial applications. They allow visibility from both directions while protecting what’s inside. They are often used in multi-establishment areas such as a mall or to separate a restaurant from a shopping area.

Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay has been in business for more than 60 years. We’ve provided many area businesses with the perfect commercial overhead door or industrial garage door to fit their needs. We have offices in Tampa, Daytona Beach, and Tallahassee for your convenience. Give us a call at 813-885-DOOR in Tampa; 386-226-3820 in Daytona Beach; and 850-386-DOOR in Tallahassee. We’ll be happy to schedule an onsite consultation to fit your commercial or industrial building with the perfect garage door option.

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