Easy Steps to Converting Your Home into a Smart Home

Easy Steps to Converting Your Home into a Smart Home

With the easy availability of electronics making life easier for everyone, the next step in home modification is smart homes. Many people are now taking the concept of smart homes from sci-fi to reality. While some of the available technology is still quite expensive, you can implement many affordable changes right now. Since many of the features of a smart home depend on your wireless connection at home, make sure that this is working well. If you plan to really make your home connected, talk to your electrician about putting in Ethernet cables and then place wireless routers at strategic points in the home. Five easy to do conversions for a smarter home are looked at below.

Keyless entry

You are used to keyless entry for your car, so it’s no surprise that there is now keyless entry to your home. With keyless entry, you can open and close your door from your smartphone or using a key fob. Some keyless systems make it possible to send virtual keys to others so they can get inside your home even if you are not there.

Smart TVs

There is now a voice activated television system that makes searching for the remote outdated. You can also go on the Internet, and use social media channels such as Facebook from your TV.

LiftMaster MyQ Smart Home TechnologySmart Garage Door Openers

Using your smartphone or other mobile device, you can control your garage door. There’s no need to worry when away from home if you forgot to close the door behind you. With the right system you can control your garage door opener over the internet from wherever you are.

Smart Light Bulbs

The versatility of LED bulbs is not just about lower electricity bills. Many manufacturers of LED bulbs are making them so that you can control the color, or connect them to the Internet so that you can control them from various devices. You can also turn the light on and off by using the right app on your mobile phone. No more getting up to turn off lights if you forgot to do so. This also means turning the lights on even if you are not at home.

Smart ThermostatNest Thermostat for Smart Homes

These devices use sensors to determine movement so that it can adjust the temperature. Best of all, you can control the settings using your smartphone, making it easy to make your home warm and cozy just before you arrive.  The Nest thermostat is among this group. This device can be taught to know just how you want the temperature at different times of the day, so that it automatically adjusts to suit you.

At Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay, we can help you with some components for turning you home into a smart one. You can start with our highly rated LiftMaster MyQ system. With this system you can control not only your garage gate, but also your NEST Thermostat and lighting. Talk to us if you are thinking about making your home smarter. Email us at info@overheadtampa.com or call 813-885-DOOR to speak to a smart home specialist today.

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