Choosing a Garage Door: Insulated Garage Door vs. Non-Insulated

Choosing a Garage Door: Non-Insulated vs Insulated Garage Door

Your garage door does much more than hide unsightly clutter and protect your vehicle. It also acts as a buffer between your home and the great outdoors. Tampa Bay is generally hot and humid. The air conditioning unit in your home protects your belongings from mold and mildew due to humidity. The garage is naturally cooler than outside but not always as cool as the interior of your home. It acts as a buffer between the two. Let’s look at the differences between a non-insulated and insulated garage door now.

windload-garage-door-thermacore-908-golden-oak-650x250Insulated Garage Door

First we’ll take a look at insulated garage doors and how they differ from their non-insulated counterparts.

  • Better Temperature Control: Tampa Bay garages with Thermacore Insulated Garage Doors are cooler than those with non-insulated garage doors. Better insulation means you won’t be getting into an extremely hot car or burning your legs on leather seats the instant you sit.
  • Buffer Against the HeatTechnically called the vestibule effect, an insulated garage door acts as a buffer between the exterior heat and interior cooler temperatures of your home. Opening the front door allows a blast of hot air to enter the home. Opening the garage door allows heat into the garage instead. Much less heat enters the home as you enter the home through the garage.
  • Less NoiseAn insulated garage door is much quieter than a non-insulated door. Doors without insulation tend to rattle more as moving parts bang together. Insulation helps dampen the sound.
  • StrongerInsulated garage doors are thicker, stronger, and more durable.

Thermacore-V5-FeatureA high quality insulated garage door is constructed of two layers of steel with insulation sandwiched between. They’re thicker and have a higher R-rating than a non-insulated door. They’re more environmentally friendly and economic than non-insulated doors because they keep the heat at bay, reducing the amount of space that you need to cool with the air conditioner.

Non-Insulated Garage Door

This type of garage door is constructed of a single layer of steel. They are somewhat efficient in our warmer climate, but they do allow garages to overheat in the extreme heat of summer. Heat rises, so if the garage overheats due to a non-insulated garage door, the room above it will be hotter as well. This means your heat pump will work harder to keep the balance of cool air throughout the home due to the heat rising from the garage.

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