A Look Into the Autoslide DIY Automatic Door System

Types of Accessories for Your Autoslide DIY Automatic Door

Black and White AutoslideThe makers of the Autoslide DIY Automatic Door System put a lot of effort into this product. Not only are these doors easy to install, there are many accessories to enhance their capabilities. The costs of these accessories are also affordable and they are easy to set-up and use as needed. Some of the great accessories that you can use with these sliding doors include:

Hardwired Motion Sensors

This adjustable motion sensor knows when someone is approaching and opens the sliding door. To enable the system to work two ways, that is, from the outside or inside, all that is needed are two sensors. This makes it perfect for doors leading to decks so that someone can easily take a tray full of goodies outside for a meal or when entertaining guests. They will not have to open a lock or push a sliding door open. It also helps to keep children safe as the sensor can be adjusted so that it does not activate when a child approaches

Wireless Infrared Motion Sensors

This is similar to the hardwired motion sensor, except that it uses wireless technology rather than cables. It’s very easy to install and much more secure than you would imagine. The beam on the infrared sensor is a directional beam, meaning it doesn’t not spread out as the beam gets longer. It allows you to make a defined area motion activated and prevents unwanted traffic from opening your automatic door.

pet collar id tag for pet doori3 Collar Key Pet Door Kit and i3 Pet Collar Tag

When this is installed on an Autoslide DIY Automatic Door unit and the collar ID tag is placed on the pet’s collar, the pet can move in and out freely. This is the perfect way to prevent wild animals or neighbors’ pets from coming inside your house. Best of all, you don’t have to get out of bed to let your pet out if nature calls in the middle of the night. The pet collar tag will allow the pet door to open when it senses that your pet is close to it.

Autoslide Extension Tracks

The standard opening width of an Autoslide door is 38 inches. Extension tracks are used to extend the opening width potential of doors and windows that are greater than 38 inches in order to open your door or window to its maximum width. These extension tracks have 20 inches of track and are just as easy to install as the door itself.

Call us at Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay to discuss your need for an automatic sliding door in the home or request a consultation with one of our installation technicians. We will provide all the information you need to see why an Autoslide DIY Automatic Door System is the best choice in most cases. We will also provide guidance on all the possible accessories based on you and your family’s needs.

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